The Early Days

How To Build a (Propane) Fire #15: The first product drop

How To Build a (Propane) Fire #15: The first product drop

That’s it, That’s all

Drop #1 lasted less than 13 hours… 🤯

Folks, all we can say is WOW! And THANK YOU!!

All your feedback and stoke these last three years told us that the first production run would go pretty fast.

But heading into last night, there was still a part of us that felt anxious.

After all, very few of you have seen the HOWL in person, and fewer still have gotten to feel its heat. We wondered… would you have the information you needed to spend your hard-earned money on it? Had we done a good enough job communicating its abilities? Had we earned your trust?

Those questions and fears are what made last night so incredibly massive. For years you have been giving us heartfelt words of excitement and encouragement, and that’s what got us to this point. But last night, you TOOK ACTION. And you did it in the most incredible way.

We really have no words here, and we’re probably repeating ourselves, but all we can say is THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

Thank you for trusting us to build you an insanely great campfire. Thank you for buying so fully into this mission of keeping the forest and the campfire alive. Thank you for giving us the real hard proof that this wild idea can actually change the world.

We will not let you down

We were up most of the night with our mouths wide open in shock as we watched you go, order by order, to the end of our first production run.

Today, we are raring to tackle the work of getting you your brand new HOWLs. We’ll be sending production updates as we finish building and assembling this first run, and we'll deliver your units as soon as they’re finished, in the order that you purchased.

The next Drop

Once we’re confident we can build another run to our ridiculously precise standards, we’ll open up a second drop. The timeline on that is TBD, but we’ll keep you posted here.

Last night’s fundraiser

At the launch party last night with Go Fast Campers, we raffled off a unit from our first production run. Those of you who were there rallied and raised $980. We’re matching that amount, so $1,960 is now headed to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation to support the hotshots who keep our forests alive.

Thanks again. We couldn’t do big things like this without you, and it will be your passion that keeps driving this mission forward.

With so dang much gratitude…

Keep carrying the fire,

– Randall, Alex, Kelly, Nicholas, and Diego

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