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How To Build a (Propane) Fire #14: Going into production

How To Build a (Propane) Fire #14: Going into production

No more prototypes. No more samples. Holy sh*t.

Howdy Folks!

The first production run, called Alpha, has begun. We’re finally building the actual parts that will be in your hands, keeping you warm for decades to come. It’s pretty surreal after all this time building protos and test parts that no one but us would ever use.

These parts now, this process… everything is different. And we could not be MORE EXCITED!

Here’s a look at the real, lasting, finished products that are starting to come together:

New video AND new website?

We tried to pack everything folks need to know about the HOWL Campfire into a 60-second video. On a difficulty scale of one to inventing BarCoal, we’d call it a 7 – so definitely not easy.

But we had a lot of help from our friend Marshall Burnette, and we think he did a great job wrangling us. You can watch the video right now!

Also, we put together a new website. There was a lot of information to capture, and as you know from our emails, we like trying to tell y'all everything that’s going on. 

With the website, though, we felt we needed to be a bit more brief. So a whole lot of info ended up on the cutting room floor. What you read on the site today is what survived, and what we believe are the most crucial pieces of info.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

You’ll notice the product page is hidden. It will appear the second we open our first drop. Speaking of…

FIRST DROP: Sept. 21, 2023 at 7p MT

The very limited Alpha run of product goes on sale just 9 days from now. We can hardly believe it. And with everything people are saying, it’s going to sell out fast. If you want to be a part of it, mark your calendar and be ready!

These are insanely exciting times for us here at HOWL, and we’re so glad we get to share them with you.

Keep carrying the fire,

— Randall, Alex, Kelly, Nicholas, and Diego

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